I am a second-year graduate PhD student in Department of Mathematics at The Ohio State University Columbus. Originally, I am from the town of Biratnagar in Southeastern Nepal. Currently, I am supported by Student Research Assistant-ship awarded by the Department of Mathematics. 

My mathematical interests are in Ergodic Theory  and its application in Combinatorial Number Theory, Ramsey Theory and Recurrence properties. I am currently working under the supervision of Dr. Vitaly Bergelson. I am also invested in reading spiritual philosophy &  geopolitics and geo-economics, military and naval strategies related to Indian subcontinent.

I completed my undergraduate studies Summa Cum Laude from Berea College, KY. Berea is founded on the belief that economic circumstances should not be a barrier to the realization of human potential. Berea admits students exclusively from lower socio-economic spectra, gives them a tuition-free education and provides a host of support network to ensure student success. For example, I was supported through myriad of scholarships during undergraduate education, graduate applications, internship opportunities and graduate studies. 

If you want to support Berea College in its amazing mission to provide life-changing education to underprivileged youths, free of cost, you can give HERE.

You can access my CV by clicking HERE.

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