About Me

I am fifth-year PhD student in Department of Mathematics at The Ohio State University Columbus. I am from the town of Biratnagar in Southeastern Nepal. My advisor is Dr. Vitaly Bergelson.

My graduate research is on various aspects (number-theoretic, algebraic and Ramsey-theoretic) of Intersective Polynomials. The results I have obtained so far, and my upcoming projects, can be viewed under the Publications & Preprints.

In December, 2021, I was awarded the OSU Presidential Fellowship, which is the premier award at the Ohio State University that recognizes outstanding research done by a graduate student and generously supports the fellows. The fellowship will support the last year of my academic and networking activities.

Recently (April, 2022), I was also awarded Catalyzing Advocacy in Science and Engineering (CASE) Fellowship 2022 by the American Mathematical Society. I will be attending the CASE workshop in Washington, DC as a part of the fellowship.

I completed my undergraduate education from Berea College, which is a tuition-free college. Berea college admits students exclusively from lower socio-economic spectra and endows transformative liberal arts education. If you want to donate towards providing life-changing education to an underprivileged youth, CLICK HERE.

If you wish to access an abridged version of my CV, CLICK HERE.