Publications & Preprints.

(1) Intersective Polynomials Arising from Sums of Powers (11 pages), COMMUNICATIONS IN ALGEBRA, 2021, VOL. 49, NO. 6, 2633–2644. Click for Open Access.

(2) Polynomials Consisting of Quadratic Factors with Roots Modulo Any Positive Integer (6 pages), To Appear in The American Mathematical Monthly (Accepted on 02/24/ 2021 ). Click Here for Preprint.

(3) Minimally Intersective Polynomials with Arbitrarily Many Quadratic Factors ( ~ 11 pages). Click Here for Preprint.

(4) What Proportion of Polynomials in Z[x] Have Local Roots Everywhere? (~ 5 pages). Preprint Available Upon Request.

(5) Intersective Polynomials over Rings of Integers of Global Fields (In Final Stages of Preparation). (12 pages).