Publications & Preprints

(1) Intersective Polynomials Arising from Sums of Powers, Communications in Algebra, 2021, VOL. 49, NO. 6, 2633–2644. Journal Link (Open Access).

(2) Polynomials Consisting of Quadratic Factors with Roots Modulo Any Positive Integer, The American Mathematical Monthly. 129 : 2, 178-182. Journal Link (Open Access)

(3) Minimally Intersective Polynomials with Arbitrarily Many Quadratic Factors. IntegersElectronic Journal of Combinatorial Number Theory. 22 (2022). Paper No. A15. Journal Link (Open Access)

(4) Polynomials over Ring of Integers of Global Fields that have Roots Modulo Every Finite Indexed Subgroup. Submitted. (Preprint available upon request)

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